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Paper de Música is an initiative that began in autumn 1988, with the double aim of bringing music to the country towns and help promote young musicians. These two areas continue to encourage its present activity. In 1999 it became the Private Foundation Paper de Música, which represents institutional recognition of our organization.

In 1991, we started the First Competition for the Promotion of Young Interpreters. From 2009 it has become International Competition Paper de Música de Capellades.

The same 1991 the Music Hall was opened, which allowed to expand the range of concerts, and to celebrate them regularly throughout the year –they are announced in advance on this website-. Also, the Hall holds other cultural manifestations.

In 2001 began a new monthly activity, the Cinefòrum Josep Romanyà Montcada (Film showing and debate). Every year there are nine sessions.

All these activities supporting the musical and cultural world have been recognized with several awards.

The success of our initiative, held by constant and thrilled work, could not be understood without the participation of the audience in every session and involvement of the artists who perform in our Hall.

Moreover, there is a group of people who collaborate with our organization :

- Members of the Jury of the International Competition Paper de Música de Capellades.

- Members of the Assessors Committee for the same Competition that mainly facilitate the performance of the winners at festivals and concert series represented by them.

- Members of the Cineforum Committee (Film Showing and Debate), involved in the choice of films and lecturers for the debate.

Therefore, from this site, we want to thank them all, and wish these collaborations go on for many years!