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The book 20 ANYS DE CONCERTS collects about 206 concerts organized by Paper de Música from the beginning, October 1988 until December 2008.

The concerts are grouped into two volumes. The first, "Els concerts de les quatre estacions"  includes 81 concerts featuring mainly young musicians who have reached the final session of the International Competition Paper de Música de Capellades. The second, "Els altres concerts" contains 124 concerts and other shows held in the hall PdM, from its opening in October 1991.


The information about each concert is grouped into five sections:

  • MUSICAL COMMENTARY (there are in all the concerts of the first volume, and 30% of the second volume)
  • GRAPHIC SUMMARY, photographs, several writings, articles published in the press, etc.

The CV of the artists listed in Annex 1 of each volume can be accessed directly.

Also you can do the same with musical commentaries on works performed in Annex 2.

Each volume has three presentations written by Josep M. Espinàs, Alfons Udina and Miquel Pujol, the first and Jaume Cabré, Ignasi Riera and Miquel Pujol, the second.

Finally, Annex 3 of the first volume summarizes the history of the International Competition Paper de Música de Capellades.

For more information about preparation of the book, you can see the presentation, which took place on 12th March 2010.

This book can be purchased at the price of 30 € at Paper de Música, Carrer del Fossar, 4, Capellades (Barcelona).